Issue 5, 12/16/2005

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1) Class C Motor Home with Garage
2) RV Owner and Handyman
3) Discontinued RV Models
4) Downloadable RV Inspection Checklist
5) RV FAQ's & Tips

1) Class C Motor Home with Garage 
Plenty of toy haulers can be found in the travel trailer and 
fifth wheel formats, and the number of Class A motor homes with 
garages is growing, but a Class C with a garage?  

Read the entire page here:

2) RV Owner and Handyman
Thinking of becoming an RVer? Prepare yourself to also be the

In the excitement of considering life as an RVer, it may not 
occur to some that the new lifestyle demands several 
non-recreational roles to be assumed.  One of these roles is the 
handyman (ladies included).  I point this out not to throw cold 
water on the exciting plans, but to prepare you for a certainty 
that comes standard with living in an RV, no matter how new the 

Read the entire article here:

3) Discontinued RV Models 
Manufacturers have discontinued several RV models recently.  If 
you had your eyes on one of these models, this may be the time to 
visit dealers to see if they are willing to move them off the lot 
at a lower price.  

  Chinook: Eagle and Maverick

    By the way, the Chinook main web page is currently broken;
    use the RV "Brand" links in our manufacturer database for
    easy access to their web site. We have dropped Chinook a 
    note to let them know about this issue.

  Fleetwood: Grand Tour and Resort

  R-Vision: Bantam and Condor

  Sunnybrook: Solanta

Comprehensive RV manufacturers database:

4) Downloadable RV Inspection Checklist 
In the previous issue we wrote about our brand new RV Inspection 
Checklist.  This checklist is now available as a Microsoft Word 
document so that it can easily be customized to your needs.  

To download it, see the bottom of the RV Inspection Checklist.  
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RV Inspection Checklist:

5) RV FAQ's & Tips 
A selection of RV Frequently Asked Questions & Tips from the 
Changin' Gears web site: 

Do I need a special license to drive an RV?

A great majority of RV's can be driven with a regular driver's 
license.  However, some states require a special license for 
large RV's.  In rare cases a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) is 
required--if you are told that you need a CDL, be sure to do more 
research because very few non-commercial RV's fall into this 
category.  If your RV meets one of the following criteria, check 
with your state for special driver's license requirements: 

    * Single vehicle or towable combination having a weight
      rating over 26,000 lbs
    * Towing a trailer with a weight rating over 10,000 lbs
    * Is longer than 45 feet
    * Towing two units (for example, towing a boat behind a
      trailer--illegal in most states)

See the RV Driver's License Requirements page on our web site 
for a summary of the fifty states.  

Is diesel fuel cheaper in truck stops?

In our experience, diesel fuel tends to be a little cheaper in 
truck stops compared to passenger vehicle gas stations.  

Some states add an additional tax to private vehicle diesel, 
which makes the price posted at truck stops appear considerably 
cheaper.  Don't let this fool you--if you pull into a truck stop 
and you don't have a commercial license, they will add the tax on 
top of the posted price.  One such state is Oregon, where 
non-commercial vehicles pay an extra $0.24 per gallon in 2005.  

Where can I find RV ratings?

The most comprehensive list of RV ratings have been compiled by 
the RV Consumer Group (RVCG).  This information is available in 
the form of ratings CD's.  The CD's include software for 
searching the ratings database with various criteria.  Links to 
these resources can be found in the "Must Read" section of the 
RV Books & Resources page on our web site.  

Another invaluable source of "ratings" are the RV discussion 
groups.  Here you can solicit feedback from those who have 
first-hand experience with the models you are considering.  

Complete RV FAQ's & Tips:

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