Issue 9, 4/20/2006

Changin' Gears - Trading City Lights for the RV Lifestyle

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1) Truck Stop Fueling Etiquette
2) Full Wall Slide 
3) Charlie's RV Travelogue
4) RV FAQ's & Tips

1) Truck Stop Fueling Etiquette 
Those of us driving large, diesel-powered recreational vehicles 
will soon realize that many gas stations cannot accommodate us.  
Fueling up at truck stops is preferable for a number of reasons: 
they are easily accessible from interstates; the islands and 
driveways can accommodate the largest of RV's; pump nozzles on 
both sides can fill two tanks without re-positioning; and, the 
cost of diesel tends to be less expensive.  

Read the entire article here:

2) Full Wall Slide 
Living space in an RV is always at a premium.  Starting with the 
2005 Pace Arrow, Fleetwood RV has come up with a new solution to 
give us more space--the full wall slide.  

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3) Charlie's RV Travelogue
Entries in Charlie's RV Travelogue since the last newsletter:

Mar 30: Trip to Little Rock starts with tire change
Mar 29: Dead house battery keeps us in Dallas
Mar 14: "I Love My R.V." quilt
Mar 13: Water pump goes out on the truck
Mar 9: Seeing friends and family in the Dallas metroplex
Mar 8: Squeezing into undersized RV slots
Mar 7: Baby's got a slight fever
Mar 6: Texas welcomes us with a miserable night
Mar 3: Palm Canyon
Mar 2: Talks of settling down
Mar 1: San Diego beaches
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Feb 27: Rain in the desert
Feb 24: Stuck in the sand on the way to the mud caves
Feb 22: San Diego Zoo
Feb 17: Cool Canyon
Feb 15: Back on the Internet from the RV
Read February entries:  http://tinyurl.com/jq2h2

4) RV FAQ's & Tips 
A selection of RV Frequently Asked Questions & Tips from the 
Changin' Gears web site: 

Open all doors after travel

After traveling with the RV, make it a point to carefully open 
all cabinet, storage, and closet doors.  Open doors slowly and 
listen for falling objects.  

Doing this as part of the RV setup will save you aggravation 
later.  We found that when we skip this step, days or weeks later 
we may open a new door and shifted items will unexpectedly fall; 
this is much more irritating later than right after a move.  

Check battery water level monthly

Be sure to check the water level on non-sealed house 
batteries every month.  This is especially important in warm 
weather when the RV batteries are in use.  If the level is low, 
add distilled water to bring it up to the bottom of the filling 

One of the most common causes of premature battery failure is low 
water level.  Allowing the level to drop below the top of the 
plates will further reduce battery lifespan, and may cause 
immediate failure.  

Complete RV FAQ's & Tips:

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