Glossary of RV Terms

The RV community is just like any other—it has its own set of words, abbreviations, and slang terms. In this glossary we define the common terms and some of the more unusual slang.

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See Full Hookup

Fifth Wheel

Fifth Wheel

Photo courtesy of Travelaire

A trailer and hitch configuration connected to the tow truck directly above the rear axle by way of a special fifth wheel hitch. This causes several feet of the connected trailer to hang over the tow truck, placing about 15 to 25% of the trailerís weight on the rear axle of the truck. Commercial trucks and trailers use this hitch configuration. Also commonly spelled as 5th wheel. For additional details see Fifth Wheel - An Introduction.


See Fifth Wheel


Abbreviation for Fair Market Value.

Folding Camper

See Folding Trailer

Folding Trailer

Folding Trailer

Photo courtesy of Jayco

Small, light-weight trailer that folds or collapses into a low profile, suitable for towing behind light vehicles such as cars, SUVís, and mini pickup trucks. For additional details see Folding Trailer - An Introduction.

Fresh Water Tank

Tank for holding fresh water for drinking, cooking, and bathing while not connected to a city water supply.

Full Hookup

An RV site with water, electric, and sewer facilities.


A person living full-time in an RV, having no other home.


See Fifth Wheel

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