Glossary of RV Terms

The RV community is just like any other—it has its own set of words, abbreviations, and slang terms. In this glossary we define the common terms and some of the more unusual slang.

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Shore Power

A boating term adopted by the RV community to mean an electrical power hookup supplied to the RV by a fixed, external source (not by a portable generator). A full hookup RV site has shore power.

Slide-In Truck Camper

See Truck Camper


See Slide


A compartment added to an RV to increase interior space. It slides into the body during travel and slides out when parked.


A person who moves from cold weather to warm in an RV, generally staying a season.

Solar Panel

Device containing an array of solar cells which convert sunlight to electricity. Typically mounted on the roof of RVís and used for charging the batteries.

Sport Utility Trailer

See Toy Hauler

Stabilizing Jack

A jack inserted under or lowered from trailers and motor homes for the purpose of stabilizing the vehicle. A stabilizing jack is not designed to bear a significant portion of the RVís weight, only a small amount to reduce movement during occupancy. Stabilizing jacks are generally found toward the back of trailers, under the king pin of fifth wheels, and under some slides.

Starting Battery

See Chassis Battery

Stinky Slinky

Slang for the sewer hose, constructed from a spiral wire covered with vinyl. One end attaches to the RV piping and the other into the local sewer dump facilities.

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