Glossary of RV Terms

The RV community is just like any other—it has its own set of words, abbreviations, and slang terms. In this glossary we define the common terms and some of the more unusual slang.

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Water Pressure Regulator

Device installed on water hose attached to city water to limit the water pressure entering the RV. Most regulators limit water pressure to 40 psi.

Weight-Distributing Hitch

A ball hitch system that distributes some of the tongue weight to all axles of the tow vehicle and trailer. With standard ball hitches, all of the tongue weight rests on the tow vehicle’s rear axle; the weight-distributing hitch uses spring tensioned bars to distribute it among the axles. This provides more weight on the front axle for better steering control, and less weight on the rear axle to allow towing a heavier trailer that may otherwise overload the rear axle.


Distance between the center of the front and rear wheels of a vehicle, usually expressed in inches.


An RV having an external body width greater than 96 inches (8 feet). The most common wide-body widths are 100" and 102". Also widebody.


See Wireless Internet


The process of introducing non-toxic antifreeze into the water lines of an RV for winter storage to prevent freezing and line breaks.

Wireless Internet

Technology that enables computers equipped with wireless network cards (also called WiFi) to connect to the Internet without requiring wired connections such as phone lines or cables. This service generally requires an additional fee and a sing-up process.

Work Camper

A person living in an RV and working. Many spell it as “workamper” after the web site and service by that name.


See Work Camper

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