Class C Motor Home

An introduction to recreational vehicle types

This is a brief introduction to the Class C Motor Home type of recreational vehicle, intended to provide essential information for choosing the best RV type. (Looking for Class C Manufacturers?)

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Class C Motor Home

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The Class C motor home, or mini motor home, is a recreational vehicle built on a cut-away van or truck chassis, including the cab. Many Class C motor homes are roughly the size and shape of rental moving trucks.

It differs from the Class A motor home in that the Class C chassis comes with the cab from the manufacturer. Another distinguishing feature of the Class C is the bed compartment over the cab.

Though the exception, manufacturers are building very large Class C motor homes on semi truck chassis. These units are every bit as large, luxurious, and expensive as Class A's.

Class C Motor Home Pros

  • Easy to drive, similar to a large moving truck.
  • Driving and living compartments are connected. No need to get out of the RV during stops. Living area accessible even while moving.
  • The RV consumer Group generally considers the Class C a safer motor home than the Class A because of the cockpit construction.
  • Can tow vehicle behind or support a carrying platform on hitch receiver.
  • Smaller windshield and curtain separating cockpit makes unit easier to heat and cool than a Class A.

Class C Motor Home Cons

  • Largest models can be difficult to maneuver in tight spaces.
  • Some models may be too large to drive around town; alternate local transportation may be required.
  • Requires large storage area when not in use.
  • Even the largest models may not satisfy the fulltimers' need for space. (Large semi truck based models eliminate this con.)

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