Charlie's RV Travelogue

Charlie's RV Travelogue - Jul 2006

My wife is a journaler; I'm not. She is diligently writing into three different journals; mine is still blank. This travelogue is my attempt at electronically journaling our RV travels, not only to help me remember, but also for anyone interested in following our adventure.

Jul 27: Back in a stick house

Yesterday we closed on our house and as of today, we are stick house dwellers once more. The RV and truck are up for sale (see the For Sale page), I am back in a regular computer job, and we are settling into the typical life.

Since this travelogue is about RV travel, this is going to be my last entry for now. When our baby gets a little older, we'll be back in the market for a smaller trailer.

Thanks for following us on our adventure—it was shorter than we originally planned, but well worth the risks we took to make it happen. Over and out.