Day: June 15, 2021

Truck Stop Fueling Etiquette

Those of us driving large, diesel-powered recreational vehicles will soon realize that many gas stations cannot accommodate us. Fueling up at truck stops is preferable

Snowbound in Harmonie State Park

The first stop of our first major [an error occurred while processing this directive] trip was in Harmonie State Park in southern Indiana, just in

Silent Night, Noisy Night

Our new life as [an error occurred while processing this directive]s brought me an unexpected challenge—getting a good night’s sleep. Being a very light sleeper,

RV Owner and Handyman

In the excitement of considering life as an [an error occurred while processing this directive]er, it may not occur to some that the new lifestyle

Homeschooling in Your Motorhome

At first glance the terms “hitting the road” and “hitting the books” might appear mutually exclusive. But if you home school your children and have

Kerekes Travelogue Update for 2005

hortly after arriving in Oregon, we moved closer to Medford, where Landra found an office job through a temp agency. She is enjoying this less

Birth of Changin’ Gears

March of 2004 brought changes to our lives which made us reconsider our near-term future. As much as we enjoyed living in the Dallas area