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What Are Typical RV Loan Terms?

RVs were never cheap. And since the COVID-19 pandemic began and global supply chains tightened, costs have skyrocketed. Today, even entry-level RVs can cost over $20,000! That’s a lot of money for a mobile weekend getaway. Unless you’re lucky enough to have $30,000 cash burning a hole in your pocket,

How to Install RV Hookups on My Home Property

So you want to install RV hookups at home, do you? Well, it makes sense! There are many benefits to full-time RV hookups on your property. Offer your RV as a hospitable guest house Allow your college kid some personal space to mature Rent out your RV on AirBnB, HipCamp,

RV Hookups Explained: Pros and Cons

Your RV is designed to be plugged in. If you’re not plugged into “shore power” – a borrowed nautical term – you can only perform primitive functions. Sure, you can switch on the lights and wash your hands – but you can’t run your air conditioner or lounge in a

The 10-Year RV Rule: Is It Really Discrimination?

Have you heard of the RV Park 10-Year Rule? Here’s how the story goes: If your RV is older than 10 years, some RV parks may refuse your reservation. You may have never experienced this rule, especially if you camp in temperate climates. Or if you hang out in the

What Does a Factory RV Warranty Cover? (And Not Cover?)

Our aim with this guide is not to put a bad taste in your mouth. And our aim is certainly not to denigrate RV manufacturers or dealers. We love our RVs, the companies that make them, and the dealers that sell and service them! But it’s no secret that warranties

Can You Buy an RV Directly from the Manufacturer?

Can you buy an RV directly from the manufacturer? It sounds like a shrewd strategy: Cut out the middleman. Strip the fluff. Save some money. Plus, maybe you’ve heard some horror stories about dealership service, and you want something different. Generally, no, you cannot buy an RV directly from the

Which RV Manufacturers Use Azdel?

Azdel debuted to thunderous applause way back in 2006 (back when gothic black nail polish was fashionable). You would think in the 16 years since that Azdel would be de rigeuer for modern RV manufacturing, but no! – many manufacturers still choose the ol’ standby, lauan plywood. If you’re new

Complete Guide to Crossing the US-Canadian Border In Your RV

Are you destined for the awe-inspiring peaks of Banff National Park? Or the bucolic beauty of Prince Edward Island? Driving your RV into Canada isn’t something you just …. do. It takes some planning. I remember back when you could cross into Canada with nothing more than a library card