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Complete Guide to Crossing the US-Canadian Border In Your RV

Are you destined for the awe-inspiring peaks of Banff National Park? Or the bucolic beauty of Prince Edward Island? Driving your RV into Canada isn’t something you just …. do. It takes some planning. I remember back when you could cross into Canada with nothing more than a library card

Why Getting Your RV Repaired Takes So **** Long!

11 out of 10 RV owners will tell you that their No. 1 frustration is getting service and repair for their RV. Unfortunately, the RV lifestyle isn’t all hotdogs, National Parks, and dog walks. A common tongue-in-cheek complaint about RVs is that “the only thing that works on an RV

Signs You’re Buying a Lemon RV

Nothing strikes more fear into the heart of an RV buyer than accidentally buying a lemon. RVs are already rather infamous for mechanical problems. A true lemon will suck the cash out of your wallet and the time out of your summer. When you’re shopping for an RV, you should

30 Facts We Wish Everyone Knew About RV Towing

Towing an RV isn’t easy. You basically need a 4-year-degree in physics and the experience of a long-haul trucker to figure it all out. But you don’t have either of those things (most likely), so how do you figure it out? Well, you can read some of our excellent material

33 Rookie RV Mistakes (That’ll Make Your Neighbors Laugh at You)

Unless you enjoy getting laughed at by your fellow RVers, you should avoid these RV newbie mistakes! Some of these mistakes, like not using a water pressure regulator, might damage your RV. Some, like trusting Google Maps for accurate directions in the boondocks, might damage your marriage. And others, like

Compendium of RV Memberships, Passes and Programs (2022)

Membership clubs give RV enthusiasts a way to connect with others and provide services important for the enjoyment of the RV lifestyle. Each club has its own unique set of services, but in general you can find the following in common: Member discounts at RV parks Various services such as mail forwarding,

10 Simple Steps to Choosing Your RV (for Newbies)

Whether you’ve been toying with the idea for a while or had a sudden epiphany, RVing has now become your passion. You’re going to hit the road and live out your Jack Kerouac fantasies. Good for you! But buying an RV can be an intimidating experience. So many floorplans, so

RVer’s Guide to Traveling With Dogs, Cats, and Other Pets

Considering RVing with pets? Maybe you can’t bear the idea of leaving Mr. Schmoochie-Wiggle-Tums all alone during your weekend adventures. Maybe you’re an avid duck hunter, and you don’t go anywhere without a 12-gauge shotgun and Buck the Deadly Duck-Hunting Hound at your side. Maybe you’re gearing up for the