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FAQ – Common Newbie RV Questions

Starting point for new RVers If you are new to RVs, we recommend the Getting Started checklist on our web site, which walks you through the learning and decision steps for determining which RV is right for you. Where can I learn the meaning of RV terms and jargon? The RV

Vehicle Classification

Knowledge of truck classes and categories is not required for RV towing, but it is very helpful when communicating with each other, service shops, and to understand regulations affecting vehicles on public roads. There are two classifications most applicable to RV camper tow trucks. First, the weight classes, as defined

RV Owner Residency

RV enthusiasts who spend a considerable time away from their home state may come to ponder if another state would be a better place to call home. This page gives an overview of the things to consider before and after deciding to change your legal state of residence, or state

The Definitive Guide to Renting an RV (in 2022)

An RV rental is a great way to take a family vacation. It allows you to pack your things once and take them along wherever you go. Renting is also an ideal way to get a feel for the RV lifestyle and determine which RV type fits your needs (see RV Type

No Income Tax States

If you are a full-timer or snowbird, you may be considering changing residency to a more favorable state of the union. For many, taxation is a major reason for wanting to part ways with their current state. To assist in this venture, we have compiled a list of states without personal income

RV Driver’s License Requirements by State (Table)

If you’re looking at a 22,000-pound Class A motorhome and wondering, “Are they really gonna let me drive this thing?” then you’re not alone! When purchasing a motorhome or renting an RV, three common questions are: Do I need a special license to drive an RV? Which RV class needs

The Definitive Guide to RV Boondocking (in 2022)

Freedom is spelled b-o-o-n-d-o-c-k-i-n-g. Boondocking is an affordable adventure away from the chaos and cacophony of RV parks, developed campgrounds and urban hideouts. It’s also known as dry camping. People boondock for many reasons. Some people boondock for the unbeatable scenery and ambiance. Others are too thrifty to pay $65