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Boondocking Etiquette

Many RVers, including myself, occasionally park overnight on the property of generous retailers, such as Wal-Mart. Even though retailers are located in urban areas (not the boonies), this practice has become commonly known as [an error occurred while processing this directive]. Unfortunately, a small number of RVers overstay their welcome

RV Moisture Control Issues

Lessons Learned Moisture inside an RV will condense in cold weather, if not controlled. Condensation can produce enough water to cause damage in walls and ceilings. Reduce moisture by running exhaust fans and dehumidifier while showering and cooking. In cooler weather (under 45° for our trailer), it may be necessary to always

Do I Really Need to Buy A Bigger Truck for My RV??

Tow Vehicle Sizing Proper sizing of the tow vehicle is a critical component of safe towing. Most often this vehicle is a full size pickup truck, but properly equipped cars, vans, SUV’s, and even large motorcycles, are capable of towing small trailers. On this page we provide the steps for

Pickup Truck Capacities for Towing RV Trailers

UPDATE: All links repaired November 6, 2021! Quite a few options exist for towing an RV, but four truck brands dominate the U.S. market: Chevrolet, Ram, Ford, and GMC. Additionally, full-size pickup offerings from Nissan and Toyota are becoming more frequent in RV campgrounds. On this page, we have compiled

The Ultimate RV Manufacturers List (in 2022)

Page updated: December 3rd, 2021 (lots of new entries!) Since 2006, Changing Gears has maintained a comprehensive master roster of all major RV manufacturers. Our list contains manufacturers all across North America, from the wilds of British Columbia to the beaches of SoCal to the industrial Northeast in Ohio and

The Definitive Guide to Selling Your RV (in 2022)

Sell Your RV In many respects, RV sales are similar to other big-ticket transactions such as a car or a house. So if you blindly rush ahead, you could lose out on thou$ands of dollars! A little bit of planning and research will help maximize the selling price. Below you

The Definitive Guide to Buying an RV (in 2022)

Buy an RV Buying an RV can be a very expensive transaction. Before starting the buying process, we urge you complete the following steps, at a minimum: Review the Getting Started checklist. Research the fair market value of the units you are interested in (see Determining an RV’s Fair Market Value). Whether buying new or used,

FAQ – Overview of RV Model Types

What is the best RV to buy? There is no such thing as the “best RV”. One individual’s best RV may be completely unsuitable for another. To answer this question for yourself, you must decide how you plan to use the RV, where you would like to take it, how