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FAQ – Fuel, Gas, Diesel, and How RVs Get Around

How much fuel does an RV consume (mpg)? RV fuel consumption is affected by vehicle weight, engine size, fuel type, driving habits, gear ratios, wind resistance, topography, and numerous other factors. Without knowing a lot of details about an RV, it is impossible to estimate a narrow mpg (miles per

What Kind of RVer Are You? RV Lifestyles Examined!

All RV lifestyles have many things in common, yet each has a distinct set of characteristics that set them apart. In this article I attempt to capture the most significant characteristics of the major lifestyle categories: RV Camper or Weekender, Vacationer, Snowbird, and Fulltimer. RV terminology evolves with the rest

Camper Slide-Out Deck

No matter where we set up our King of the Road camper, the first thing people notice is the sliding King Deck.   Sliding “King Deck” on the 2003 Royalite fifth wheel by King of the Road. This option has been re-named to “SlideDeck” in newer models. The King Deck

Front Window and Awning Combo

One of my campground neighbors recently drove home with his brand new See Ya! RV with the front window and awning combination. How clever! Front window & awning on the Alfa fifth wheel. Alfa took the front cap of the trailer and converted it into an awning. Under it they

Unimog Global Expedition Vehicle RV

This Unimog-mounted RV must be the ultimate in boondocking! I should be careful calling it an RV since the manufacturer’s web site contrasts this expedition vehicle from typical RV’s. But an RV it is, and a very unique one at that. Photos courtesy of Global Expedition Vehicles The Global Expedition

RV Full Wall Slide

Living space in an RV is always at a premium. Starting with the 2005 Pace Arrow, Fleetwood RV has come up with a new solution to give us more space—the full wall RV slide! It was not that long ago that slides were introduced. Soon, the slide found its way into

Earth Roamer Expedition Vehicle

The first time I set eyes on the EarthRoamer XV, I thought it was a truck camper mounted on a Ford truck. Judging from the profile, it very much resembles a slide-in, but at closer examination it becomes apparent that the truck bed is missing and the camper is a

RV Electric Fireplace

My first reaction upon seeing the electric fireplace in our King of the Road motorhome RV was, “What a waste of space and unnecessary added weight.” The simulated flame is enjoyable to watch, but I would rather have the space for storage. Electric fireplace with heater and simulated flames Then,