Checklist – Road Test – Motorhomes

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This checklist assumes that the RV Inspection Checklist has been completed.

A road test can be performed by individuals who feel comfortable driving the type of vehicle being tested, and have a good sense of how a well-functioning vehicle feels and sounds. Those individuals not comfortable assessing some of the items on this checklist should take along a qualified technician.

Preparation Steps

  1. Motor home has been prepared for departure.
    (See RV Departure Checklist: Motor Homes.)
  2. Door handles and locks
  3. Window controls
  4. Start engine
  5. Headlights
  6. Signal lights
  7. Brake lights
  8. Parking lights
  9. Top clearance lights
  10. Backing lights
  11. Emergency flashers
  12. Air conditioner
  13. Heater
  14. Window defroster
  15. Driver seat adjusted
  16. Mirrors adjusted
  17. Parking brake released
  18. Post top clearance in driver’s view, in feet and inches.
  19. During road test, observe bridge and other structure clearances to ensure that motor home will fit.

Road Test Observations

  • Engine idle:
  • Acceleration:
  • Braking with service brakes:
  • Braking with exhaust brakes:
  • Steering:
  • Cornering:
  • Cruising:
  • Cruise control:
  • Transmission:
  • Sway:
  • Tracking:
  • Engine noise level:
  • Other noises (rattles, air, squeaks, etc.):
  • Temperature gauges:
  • Four wheel drive mode:
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