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What is the best RV to buy?

There is no such thing as the “best RV”. One individual’s best RV may be completely unsuitable for another. To answer this question for yourself, you must decide how you plan to use the RV, where you would like to take it, how many people will be traveling with you, how much you would like to spend, and various other questions. Our Getting Started checklist guides you through the decision making process to find your best RV.

Is the Class C motor home the same as the mini motor home?

Yes. Mini motor home is a less formal name for the Class C motor home.

Should I buy a motor home or a trailer?

There is no blanket answer that tells us if a motor home is better than a trailer, or vice versa.

Primary motor home pros:

  • Most familiar to drive, similar to passenger vehicles.
  • Living area accessible while driving.
  • Ideal for those who travel frequently because of quicker setup time, when not towing.
  • Higher end models tend to be the most luxurious of all RV types.

Primary trailer pros:

  • Less expensive than motor homes.
  • More living space for same length compared to motor home because there is no cockpit.
  • Tow vehicle doubles as local transportation.
  • No engine, therefore no need to take entire RV in to shop for engine trouble.

For a comprehensive list, see RV Type Pros & Cons.

Should I buy a travel trailer or a fifth wheel?

Road handling and safety are key factors when choosing a towable RV. In that respect, it is generally accepted that a fifth wheel trailer is considerably easier to tow than a travel trailer. However, other factors must be considered to determine which type is the best for your needs.

Primary fifth wheel pros:

  • Easier and safer to tow than travel trailers.
  • Easier to back up than travel trailers.
  • Most storage of all trailer types.

Primary travel trailer pros:

  • Travel trailers are available in smaller sizes and less expensive models than fifth wheels.
  • Travel trailers can be towed with a variety of properly equipped vehicles, even large cars and SUV’s.
  • Travel trailers are towed with a bumper-mounted ball hitch, leaving the truck bed empty.
  • Smaller folding models can be stored in garage or back yard.

For a comprehensive list, see RV Type Pros & Cons.

Are there advantages in converting a fifth wheel to gooseneck?

A gooseneck adapter attaches to the fifth wheel trailer’s king pin and extends it down about two feet, allowing it to be towed with a vertically mounted ball hitch, like a gooseneck trailer. The advantages are:

  • Empty truck beck (no need for a large fifth wheel hitch)
  • Cost savings (ball hitch is less expensive)
  • Easier hitching (ball hitch can mount easier on uneven ground)
  • Less weight (compared to fifth wheel hitch)
  • Tow gooseneck and fifth wheel trailers with same truck

Along with the advantages are some disadvantages to consider; please see Fifth Wheel Gooseneck Adapter for more details.

Is RV camping possible with a car or SUV?

Yes, there are a good number of small, light-weight trailers that can be pulled behind full-size cars, SUV’s, and vans fitted for towing. The best type of RV for light vehicles is the Folding Trailer (also called a tent trailer). See our list of Folding Trailer RV Manufacturers.

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