FAQ – RV Waste Waster (Eww!)

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Table of Contents

Keep black tank valve closed

Open the black tank valve only when dumping the contents. Keep it closed at all other times, even when hooked up to sewage. Leaving the black tank valve open will cause disagreeable odors in and around your RV and it can dry out solid waste inside the tank.

Install a strainer cup in shower drain

RV piping is made of narrow plastic tubing and is known to clog easily. To reduce the frequency of clogged or slow drains, install a sink strainer in the shower drain. The strainer will catch hair that would otherwise build up in the pipes from where it is much more difficult to remove. These small, inexpensive plastic strainers can be found in most stores that sell kitchen accessories.

Always remove small cap from sewer pipe first

Watch out! The capped sewer pipe on your RV could be holding a nasty surprise. Two common scenarios can release black water from the holding tanks into the pipe: valve not sealing completely or valve unintentionally left open.

When hooking up to sewage, follow this sequence to avoid a major spill:

  1. Connect the sewer hose to the septic system first
  2. Hold the other end of the sewer hose under the sewer cap on the RV
  3. Slowly unscrew the small cap on the larger sewer cap, allowing any drainage to fall into the sewer hose
  4. Wait until water stops flowing from the small cap and then remove the large cap
  5. Connect the sewer hose to the sewer pipe on the RV
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