Front Window and Awning Combo

One of my campground neighbors recently drove home with his brand new See Ya! RV with the front window and awning combination. How clever!

Front window & awning on the Alfa fifth wheel.

Front window & awning on the Alfa fifth wheel.

Alfa took the front cap of the trailer and converted it into an awning. Under it they installed a large window to provide more light and a very nice front view from the bedroom. They call this feature the New View™ and it is available on the See Ya! and See Ya! Gold fifth wheel trailers, starting with the 2005 model year.

The supporting legs are adjustable to provide almost any angle for the awning. They can also be unattached from the trailer body and placed on the ground.

I can see this being a great advantage in tight RV parks where the main awning can not be deployed due to obstructions—at least with this option you have an awning in the front.

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