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On December 1, 2022, Wayfinding Wheels was merged into Changing Gears. All Wayfinding Wheels content is now available on the Changing Gears website.

Wayfinding Wheels was launched in summer of 2021. It was always for nomads, by nomads. “Wayfinding Wheels is dedicated to finding freedom on four wheels,” said the home page. “We’re all about full-time RV owners, #vanlifers, schoolies, snowbirds, car campers, and digital nomads. We answer your how-to’s, why-not’s and how-come’s. You’ll find trusty technical tips and insider lifestyle advice. And we deliver accurate and trustworthy information, written by full-timers, nomads, and weekend warriors, just like you.”

Unlike many other RV blogs, Wayfinding Wheels was not a personal travel blog or AI-written content mill. The blog featured almost 100 posts from real-life RV owners, #vanlifers, digital nomads, and other people living on the road. You could learn the dark art of moochdocking, how to convert your own minivan into a boondocking-mobile, or 6 surprising destinations for a family vanlife vacation.

We’re thrilled to announce that all of these wonderful stories and how-to’s are now available at Changing Gears. You can search our blog index and read your favorite posts. Visit the Contributors page and meet the authors themselves.

Since 2004, Changing Gears has been making the RV ownership experience more accessible, less intimidating, and more enjoyable. The integration with Wayfinding Wheels is just another step toward becoming the most trusted source of RV ownership and lifestyle advice on the web: for RVers, by RVers.

Originally founded by Charlie and Landra Kerekes, Changing Gears is your gateway to RV ownership. If you’re looking for advice on choosing or buying an RV, starting your full-time journey, or tips on manufacturer construction quality, you’ll find it here. Trade those city lights for the freedom of the RV lifestyle, and you’ll never look back!

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