Discussion Groups

One of the best ways we found to connect with other RVers is through online discussion groups, also called newsgroups or forums.

The recreational vehicle community has an active list of participants willing to share their experience and answer questions on all sorts of topics related to RVs. All you need is Internet access to keep in touch with your fellow RV travelers and those aspiring to join the adventure.

Why Join Discussion Groups?

  • For the community
  • Research RV products, services, merchants, and campgrounds. Discussion groups offer invaluable first-hand information and feedback.
  • Learn about new products and events
  • Read personal opinions and experiences
  • Ask questions and solicit others' suggestions when making decisions
  • Buy or sell products in groups that allow it. Keep in mind that in most groups blatant advertising is disallowed and vocally discouraged. Personal "for sale" announcements are generally tolerated.
  • Share your knowledge and experience

Use Common Sense and Caution

Discussion groups are composed of people from all walks of life. Most are very courteous and helpful, but there will always be a small number of rude, even malicious, participants.

A big difference between face-to-face discussions and online groups is that you can remain anonymous online. Hiding behind the Internet encourages some people to misbehave.

In addition to your own common sense, take these precautions into mind:

  • Online discussion groups are public, and can be seen by anyone in the world. Post only the information that you don't mind everyone knowing.
  • Never post information such as passwords, user names, social security numbers, credit card numbers, or other sensitive information.
  • For you and your family's safety, be cautious about specific information you provide. Depending on the context, you may not want to post information such as your full name, family member names, exact physical address or location, license plate numbers, etc.
  • Use a throw-away email address when posting to public groups. Free email accounts are available from Yahoo and MSN Hotmail. Email addresses are regularly harvested from public groups for sending spam. If you use your primary email address, expect to be inundated with unwanted, and even offensive, emails.
  • The best way we found to deal with rude or abusive posts is simply to ignore them.

Public Newsgroups

Despite the name, newsgroups are not news articles, rather discussion groups open to the public.

One of the easiest ways to read and post messages is by using the Google web site. You can read messages without an account, but posting requires the opening of a free account.

The links below take you to newsgroups relevant to RV's:

RV Club Forums

Discussion groups can also be found on RV club web sites. They often refer to these groups as "forums".

Other Forums

Here is a list of other forums, focusing on special RV topics: