RV Books & Resources

Here we have compiled a list of books and other resources for all stages of your RV adventure. Click on the title to go to the merchant web site for additional information and to buy.

Must Read

While all of the recommended books on this page are very helpful, in our humble opinion these are a must.

How to Select, Inspect, and Buy an RV by JD Gallant

This book explains the proper sequence of steps for selecting the proper RV type and size. It also provides excellent information on how to inspect all areas of an RV. Checklists are included which you should take with you when looking at an RV..

RV Ratings Guide CD's by the RVCG

These CD's provide valuable information compiled by the RVCG on the quality of RV's in the major type categories. They allow you to search for RV models and manufacturers meeting various criteria specified by you. A key feature of these CD's is the ratings system assigned to each RV based on reliability, value, and highway control.

RV Lifestyle

Movin' On by Ron & Barb Hofmeister

We enjoyed reading this book because it provides details about RV's as well as an overview of RV life. Recommended to the new RVer considering fulltiming or long-term RV travel.

Support Your RV Lifestyle! by Jaimie Hall

A guide for those who wish to work while traveling in an RV. It is full of job ideas well suited to the RV lifestyle.

Travel Planning

Rand McNally 2012 Motor Carriers' Road Atlas by Rand McNally

If you own or operate tall RV's such as Class A motor homes or fifth wheels, you need a map with a reference of low clearance roads. Low clearance bridges are noted in a reference section in the front of this map, organized by state. As we enter each state, we quickly refer to this section to determine if our path is clear.

Woodall's North American Campground Directory, 2011 by Woodall's

Among the RV directories we own, we found Woodall's to be the most complete and easy to use. Occasionally we find ourselves outside of our planned path or schedule and need to find a near-by RV park—this book stays next to us for that purpose.