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Buying and using a recreational vehicle (RV) can have serious monetary and safety implications. An RV sales person is not your teacher! Sure, there are helpful sales people in the RV industry, but if you are relying simply on their advice, you may end up in serious trouble down the road.

Before you buy, even before you go shopping, start here and learn all you can about RV's. The more you know, the less likely you will make choices that will waste your money or endanger you and your family's safety.

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New to RV's?

If you are new to RV's, follow our Getting Started checklist to guide you through the necessary learning.

RV Weights

Understanding weights and staying within vehicle ratings is an integral part of operating an RV. We offer the following resources on this web site to assist you in this task:

RV Books & Resources

In the RV Books & Resources section we have a selection of recommended books and other resources for you to consider. We strongly recommend the items in the "Must Read" section.

Glossary of RV Terms

We have compiled a list of relevant terms and their meaning in the Glossary of RV Terms. In addition, text on this web site contains highlighted glossary terms like this: GVWR. Notice how it looks different from typical links. You can hover your mouse over these terms and the definition will show in the status line on the bottom of your browser or it may show as a tip box at the mouse pointer.