Folding Trailer RV Manufacturers

Below is a list of Folding Trailer recreational vehicle manufacturers and their corresponding brands. We have attempted to include all brands currently being manufactured—if you find that some are missing, please use the Contact Us link on this page to let us know.

See the "RV Type Legend" for an explanation of the letters used in the last 8 columns of the table. If you are not familiar with this type of RV, please see Folding Trailer - An Introduction.

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RV Type Legend:

A: Class A motor home

B: Class B motor home

C: Class C motor home

FW: Fifth Wheel trailer

TT: Travel Trailer

CA: Truck Camper

FT: Folding Trailer

O: All Other types

Brand Manufacturer Dealer Locator A B C FW TT CA FT O
AlinerAliner and Somerset Camping TrailersDealer LocatorFT
AlpineChalet RVDealer LocatorTTFT
ArrowheadChalet RVDealer LocatorTTFT
BansheePalomino RVDealer LocatorTTFT
BunkhouseBunkhouse TrailersDealer LocatorFTO
CentennialStarcraft Recreational VehiclesDealer LocatorFT
ChaletChalet RVDealer LocatorTTFT
ClipperCoachmenDealer LocatorTTFT
CoachmenCoachmenDealer LocatorACFWTTFTO
CometStarcraft Recreational VehiclesDealer LocatorFT
FlagstaffForest River RVDealer LocatorFWTTFT
Forest RiverForest River RVDealer LocatorACFWTTFTO
Jay SportJaycoDealer LocatorFT
KampaRooKampaRoo Campers780-
King KamperKing Kampers800-
LTWChalet RVDealer LocatorTTFT
LXBunkhouse TrailersDealer LocatorFTO
PalominoPalomino RVDealer LocatorFWTTCAFT
Palomino M-SeriesPalomino RVDealer LocatorFT
Palomino P-SeriesPalomino RVDealer LocatorFT
Palomino Y-SeriesPalomino RVDealer LocatorFT
QueenBunkhouse TrailersDealer LocatorFT
RockwoodForest River RVDealer LocatorFWTTFT
SomersetAliner and Somerset Camping TrailersDealer LocatorFT
SquireBunkhouse TrailersDealer LocatorFTO
StarcraftStarcraft Recreational VehiclesDealer LocatorFWTTFTO
StarflyerStarcraft Recreational VehiclesDealer LocatorFT
SurveyorForest River RVDealer LocatorFWTTFT
Trans-ContinentalKampaRoo Campers780-
VacationerKampaRoo Campers780-
VikingCoachmenDealer LocatorTTFT
XLChalet RVDealer LocatorTTFT