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This Unimog-mounted RV must be the ultimate in boondocking! I should be careful calling it an RV since the manufacturer’s web site contrasts this expedition vehicle from typical RV’s. But an RV it is, and a very unique one at that.

The Global Expedition Vehicle is showing off its off-road abilities.

Photos courtesy of Global Expedition Vehicles

The Global Expedition Vehicle is showing off its off-road abilities.

On top of the tough Unimog chassis is mounted the living space containing today’s RV luxuries. In an effort to classify the Global Expedition Vehicle, I would say it most closely resembles an oversized slide-in camper and truck. Though the living quarters don’t slide off, it is not accessible from the cabin, which would make it a Class C. We’ll just have to say that it’s in a class by itself.

These are custom built vehicles. The photos on this page and on the manufacturer web site show common configurations. One thing that I really like about this chassis is that its size and power permit the owner to configure it to fit a specific need. Boondocking comes to mind, which normally requires numerous heavy batteries and a generator. Having large capacity water and waste tanks allow for longer stays without frequent trips to re-supply and dump sewage.

Here are a few highlights from the manufacturer:

  • Built on the new Unimog chassis and composite structures
  • Chassis strong enough to carry anything that you want to put on it
  • Power enough to cruise at comfortable speeds
  • Off road capabilities with high clearance to go over any terrain and take you places a regular pickup would not go
  • Locking differentials and gears to drive highway speeds or rock-crawler travel
  • Large fuel storage to never be stranded
  • Water and electricity storage to throw away that umbilical cord
Interior view showing the kitchen and bedroom.

Interior view showing the kitchen and bedroom.

If you desire luxury and extended says in remote areas, you should take a closer look at this vehicle. For more details, photos, and even a YouTube video, please visit the Global Expedition V

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