What I Learned Researching the Best Roadside Assistance Programs for an RV

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As Murphy’s Law’s favorite-est victim, I’ve suffered more than my fair share of mechanical mishaps traversing across the United States. More than once, twice, three times, I’ve reached out and called for RV roadside assistance. So I did some research on the best roadside assistance programs for an RV.

There are several different options for the best roadside assistance programs for RVs. When choosing a plan, ensure coverage for your specific type of RV. I’ll compare the top tier of each program to ensure apples-to-apples. (Fair warning): with most roadside assistance programs, typically, the top tier is required for RV services.)

Broken-down Class C RV being towed on the side o the road
It happened to us … it could happen to you!

Experience Speaks: Some Purchasing Points to Ponder

  • On a couple of occasions, I had to be winched and towed (Stuck in the sand, broke the axle). AAA counted these as two separate incidences and took two of my four allotted tows for the year. (Winching counts along with tows).
  • I once had AAA refuse to cover towing my RV because my plan didn’t include a triple-axle vehicle.
  • I love the idea of “minor” repairs on the roadside option. I’m not sure what this would be in relation to: broken belt, blown fuse, muffler dragging on the ground, fuel pump? Being the daughter of a heavy equipment mechanic, my idea of minor may differ greatly from theirs!
  • Trip interruption reimbursement for breakdowns would be awesome. I broke down once and stayed in a motel with my two pugs overnight while the mechanic replaced the alternator. Luckily, they fixed it quickly and the next day, I motored down the road.
  • Recently, I experienced a blowout on my camper. I put the spare on. About an hour later, another tire blew. Delivering a tire to you would be extremely useful. 

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Now, I’ll compare the regular price for membership, excluding discounts, fees, and/or taxes for one year of service.

AAA$1304 TowsChangeExtra
Good Sam$239.95UnlimitedChange/ Repair/ DeliverSpouse/dependents
Paragon Motor Club$150 or $15/mo$400ChangeSpouse


AAA website is a royal pain. It’s very difficult to figure out what the actual price is. I ended up calling in when I couldn’t see my RV coverage. The regular amount is $114 but that doesn’t include RV, which is $16 more. I’ve had AAA for eight years and have made sure that I have RV coverage. Three separate times my RV coverage somehow dropped off at renewal (Grr!) If you have AAA, I highly recommend checking your coverage. AAA allows four tows per year. One can be up to 200 miles and the other three are up to 100 miles. Their coverage area includes US and Canada. Adding spouse or child is extra. 

  • Free delivery for fuel 
  • Battery charging
  • Tire changing is available, if you have a spare. 
  • Winching services with up to two service vehicles and two personnel. 
  • Vehicle lockout 
  • Identity theft protection 


Coach-net Ultimate has unlimited distance towing to the nearest service center for Class A, Class B, Class C. Here’s a link to the brochure. Plan covers spouse and dependent children. If children are in college, they can be covered as well, with proof of college admission. 

  • Changing and delivery of tires 
  • Delivery of fuel/fluids 
  • RV Technical Assistance Hotline for common mechanical issues
  • Winching services up to 100’ off a maintained road. I hate to say that I could have used this, a few times
  • Unlocking
  • Battery boosts
  •  New keys including remotes. 
  • Mobile Mechanic but you’re responsible for parts and labor
  • Trip interruption reimbursement is available in case of a collision
  • Insurance plans for RV’s
  • Covered vehicles include owned, leased, rented and borrowed
  • Medical transportation services worldwide are included with membership. 

I couldn’t find a price for the Ultimate plan. The website directs you to “find a local dealer” and there isn’t one within 300 miles of my location. *The step-down plan is $249 so you know the Ultimate will be higher. Their website is not user-friendly and very difficult to find info. 


Escapees covers only one RV and will winch and tow to the nearest service center in the US and Canada. 

  • Technical assistance over the phone 
  • Mobile mechanic service can be dispatched, at your cost 
  • Changing tire or have a “like” tire delivered to you. 
  • Fluid delivery
  • Jumpstart  
  • Lockout services 
  • Trip interruption reimbursement is provided in the case of breakdown. 
  • A wide variety of vehicles are covered as well as the vehicles owned by the household. 


FMCA requires you to join their club for $60, which I included in the table above. They provide unlimited distance towing to the nearest service center for motorized and towable RV’s, coverage includes US and Canada. 

  • Tire service includes changing the tire and delivering a tire if the service is available in your area. 
  • Lockout 
  • Battery charging. 
  • Basic coverage covers almost all vehicles you own, rent or borrow. Some classic vehicles may not be covered. 
  • Mobile mechanic
  • Winching
  • Vehicle fluid delivery 
  • RV Technical assistance hotline
  • Trip interruption benefits including RV breakdown are eligible for reimbursement, unless you live full-time in your RV. 

Good Sam

Good Sam Platinum Complete Plan has unlimited distance towing to the nearest service center for Class A, Class B, Class C, truck/ van/ SUV conversion vehicles in the US and Canada. The plan provides up to $1500 for towing in Mexico, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Coverage extends to your spouse and dependent children. Here is a link to the brochure detailing coverage, along with fine print. 

  • Tire and wheel portion covers flats as well as road hazard coverage including repairing and delivering a tire and/or wheel to you. You are responsible for the cost of the tire, parts and labor. With the labor portion, I wonder if you need to pay for the responder to change the tire? I found this tidbit in the very fine print. It may depend on if it is a flat tire versus a road hazard flat tire
  • Emergency fuel/fluid delivery
  • Lockout protection
  • Battery charging 
  • Priority access to an RV Tech Helpline where you can ask a professional mechanical type questions about your RV 
  • Mobile mechanic
  • Trip interruption reimbursement is available if due to a collision with another vehicle. 
  • RV’s, autos, motorcycles and boat trailers you own, lease or rent are covered. A detailed, exhaustive list is included in the brochure
  • Extensive emergency medical care assistance worldwide services including but not limited to: arranging health care, getting RV back home, arranging for minors to be cared for, replacement of medical devices, arranging transportation for family member to be with you, etc. 

Paragon Motor Club

Paragon Motor Club provides $400 worth of towing and winching to a site of your choice.

  • Battery Service 
  • Lockout service 
  • Deliver vehicle fluids
  • Spare tire changed, if you have it
  • Reimburse for trip interruption in case of an accident
  • Mobile mechanic to assist with minor mechanical repairs at the site of breakdown. 
  • Stolen vehicle coverage 
  • Legal defense reimbursement related to owning and/or using an RV. 
  • Autos and motorcycles are automatically included in membership. 
  • Benefits automatically apply to any vehicle member occupies. 
  • Membership can also be paid on a monthly basis as opposed to annually. 

Auto Insurance Plans Offering RV Roadside Assistance

Many car or RV insurance plans offer roadside assistance: Allstate, Progressive, Geico, to name a few. Each policy is different, depending upon your vehicles, state you live in, driving record, etc. You may want to talk with your insurance carrier to see what they offer, for what price. I checked mine out. With Progressive, it would be an extra $55 for 6 months. Coverage includes towing, winching, battery charging, fuel delivery, locksmith, flat tire changes and on-scene labor. But I’m not sure if that would cover my RV or just my pickup that’s insured through them. 

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All the roadside assistance programs offer travel information, discounts in other markets, etc. When deciding which plan to choose, take a look at previous issues you’ve encountered, what you worry about the most, and where you plan to travel. Make sure your plan covers your specific RV. A roadside assistance plan can save you money and help you get back on the road if you experience issues on your travels. 

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