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We Loved Our RV, But Hated the Interior!

When we bought our new Recreational Vehicle in 2015, we had our list of must-haves. We wanted a fireplace, the bigger 22.5-inch tires, and multiple

RV Manufacturer's List

Since 2006, Changing Gears has maintained a comprehensive master roster of all major RV manufacturers (updated July 9, 2021).

Our list contains manufacturers all across North America, from the wilds of British Columbia, to the beaches of SoCal, to the industrial Northeast in Ohio and Pennsylvania. The brands represented account for 99.9% of all RV and camper sales in America. You can search by manufacturer, RV type, or brand.

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Getting Started

The Getting Started section provides general information, checklists, FAQs answers, tech guides, books, and other resources for those who are researching RVs or the RV lifestyle.

Buy/Rent/Sell RVs

In the Buy, Rent, and Sell sections you will find helpful information for buyers, sellers, and renters of RV's. Be sure to read the Determining an RV's Fair Market Value (FMV) article before buying or selling.

Towing Calculators and More!

Are you wanting to know what is the heaviest trailer you can tow with your truck? Maybe how long your battery will last? Use our free interactive calculators to find out!

RV Manufacturers List (2021)

Looking for a recreational vehicle brand or manufacturer? See our comprehensive list in the Manufacturers section. We update it regularly!

Newbie RVing

Never towed or driven an RV before? Start here! See a snapshot of everything you need to know here!


View and download dozens of RV checklists, such as Setting Up, PDI, Road Test, Camping Gear, and Departure.

Clubs & Groups

We maintain comprehensive lists of RV membership clubs, discussion groups, social media groups, and other helpful community resources. Click here to get involved in the RV community!

RV Insurance FAQ

Compiled from the Kerekes' experience as full-time RVers, our Insurance FAQ page addresses all your concerns about premiums, coverage, and best providers.

Boondocking Locations

Our boondocking compendium lists all the places, sites and resources you need to know to find the perfect spot for your free RV overnight parking!

Fair Market Value

Looking to buy or sell an RV? Find out how to calculate and judge fair market value (FMV) for a used RV. Hint: It's not just the NADA guide!

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At Changing Gears, we break down the in’s and out’s of RV ownership.

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RV Camper Types

Class A Motorhome

Meet the Big Daddy of the RV family and the star of Hollywood screen, the gas hogs and diesel pushers, favorite of full-timers, the Class A Motorhome.

Class B Motorhome

Kid brother to the Class A, the Class B motorhome is a favorite of “van-dwellers,” itinerants, urban travelers and conversion van companies.

Class C Motor Home

The Class C motorhome is the RV poster child. With their classic cabover bed and accessible living spaces, they’re a popular pick for cross-country trips.

Fifth Wheel

Got a big truck? You need a big camper to go with it! Full of luxury and space, the fifth-wheel is the ultimate towable home-away-from-home. Lots of payload capacity!

Travel Trailer

Capturing the biggest share of the market, travel trailers offer the greatest variety of all camper types, from 40-ft destination trailers to 12-ft micro living trailers.

Toy Hauler

A specialty genre with an open garage in the rear for bringing along your favorite toys, like an ATV, motorcycle or golf cart.

Truck Camper

When adventure calls, get a truck camper. Sold as both hardshell and pop-up models, all slide into the bed of a pickup truck. The rocky road awaits!

Teardrop Trailer

Adorable, ain’t they? Room to sleep (and maybe turn over), cook your meals outside, and maybe bring a kayak – what more do you need? Includes canned hams and mega teardrops.

Park Model

Park models are like a hybrid of RV, Tiny House, and mobile home. Designed for long-term installation at a developed campground with FHUs.

Expandable Trailer

Expandable campers include the classic tagalong pop-up, expandable A-frame and vintage expandable mega teardrops. Great for small vehicles and summer vacationing.

Fiberglass RV

These egg-shaped trailers have a cult following. Cute, durable and lightweight, molded fiberglass campers have withstood the test of time since the 1970s. Fight the power, man!

Expedition Trailer

No room for passengers here! These expedition cargo trailers are designed for hardcore 4×8 adventuring. With big wheels for rough roads, they usually contain cooking, storage, and hygiene facilities.

Birth of Changin' Gears

After fourteen years in Dallas, Charlie and Landra decided to leave their jobs, sell their home and most of their possessions, and plunged into the RV lifestyle as full-time RVers.

From 2004 to 2006, the Kerekes roamed North America in their rig as full-time RVers. They founded Changin’ Gears in 2005. Read their old travelogue stories here.

In June 2021, Changin’ Gears was acquired by Sterling RV Solutions, an RV solutions company founded in 2020. We’re proud to carry on their work, and we welcome you to the new Changing Gears website!

WayfindingWheels was merged with Changing Gears in December 2022. You can find all their original content on this site!