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Mobile Banking and Cash Handling for Full-Time RVers

Selling the house and hitting the road? Saying goodbye to your friend is hard enough … will you also have to bid adieu to your charming local bank? If you’re a full-time, part-time, or seasonal RV traveler, this post is for you. Let’s walk through options for mobile banking and

How Fast Can I Drive or Tow My RV?

As George Carlin said, “Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?” Let’s talk about RV speed. A popular forum question amongst RV owners is, “How fast can I drive my RV or tow my camper?”

How to Get a Title to an RV With a Missing Title (Step By Step)

When you buy an RV from a dealer, the dealership handles all the paperwork (thank God). You just sign and date, sign and date. In fact, dealerships are legally mandated to handle But if you buy an RV from a private seller, the game is different. In particular, what if

What’s the Minimum Credit Score for an RV Loan?

Curious how high of a credit score you need to get RV financing? Let’s look into the minimum credit score you need for an RV loan. We’ll break down minimum credit scores by lender, and show you some options if you have poor credit. We’ll also show you some tips

Should I Cancel My RV Insurance During the Off-Season?

Should you cancel your RV insurance during the off-season while the RV is in storage? Couldn’t this save you big money on premiums? Good thinking! – but there’s a better way. Let’s talk about seasonal RV insurance, also known as storage-only RV coverage. Essentially, you can choose to drop full

How Old Of an RV Can I Finance?

Are you interested in purchasing a used RV? If you’re purchasing from a dealership rather than a private party, can you finance an older RV? Typically, lenders will not finance RVs more than 10-12 years old. However, if you’re interested in something a little older, you still have options. A

What Does RV Insurance Cover? The Ultimate Guide for New RV Owners

If you’re a new RV owner, it’s important to understand what your RV insurance policy covers. Your policy likely includes liability coverage, as well as coverage for the structure of your RV, its contents, and any medical expenses incurred in an accident. However, there are some exclusions to be aware

Can I Claim My RV As a Second Home?

For federal tax purposes, yes, an RV can be claimed as a second home. In fact, you can even claim an RV as your primary residence! Motorhomes, 5th wheels, vans, truck campers, travel trailers – even pop-up campers – are all eligible. But like any tax topic, fine print abounds.