RV Salvage Yards and Part Stores in New York

Looking for an RV Salvage Yard or Parts Store Near You?

Changing Gears has compiled a complete list of RV salvage yards and parts stores by state. You can purchase used RV parts or even sell your camper or motorhome to these local businesses for cash.

> For RV Disposal and Salvage

See the list below for any RV salvage yards in this state. Remember: Even if you can’t find a local RV salvage or wrecking yard, you can usually dispose of your camper or motorhome at the following locations:

  • Consignment or trade-in (gently used units)
  • Scrap yards (call ahead to verify)
  • Towing and wrecking companies (call ahead to verify)
  • Junk dealers
  • Metal recycling centers
  • Nationwide auto auction services 

Consider removing the valuable parts first and selling them online yourself! See our guide to selling an RV to give yourself a head start.

> For RV Surplus and Used Parts

Unfortunately, used RV parts can be hard to come by. If you’re searching for a sticks n’ bricks store, please review some of the entries below for independently owned RV parts stores. We also recommend you search for local RV dealerships, plus truck and trailer service and repair shops. 

  • RV dealerships and sales centers
  • Independently owned RV service centers and part stores
  • Local auctions and estate sales (great source for salvage RV appliances!)
  • Local marketplaces, like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace

Many RV parts retailers are online-only, such as RV Parts Country, Etrailer, PPL Motorhomes, RecPro, Adventure RV, etc. If you’re willing to wait a few days, you can often find a good deal online! Choose one of our recommended vendors here.

Keep in mind that some RV parts, such as custom furniture, countertops, or fender wheel wells, may only be available directly from your manufacturer. Contact their customer or warranty support to submit a request.

Also, please consider supporting this site by shopping through our Amazon Gear store or one of our affiliate partners. Your help goes a long way!

Kloiber Auto Recycling

Dale’s Auto Recycling & Salvage

Holiday on Wheels (CLOSED)

  • Type: Specialty RV chassis parts
  • Address: Route 22, Patterson, NY 12563
  • Phone: 1-800- 416-0544

Did We Miss Anything?

If we missed a local salvage yard or independently-owned used parts store in this state, please contact us to let us know!

We also recommend you search in neighboring states. Or choose your favorite online retailer!

You can also find used RV parts on Amazon.com, Ebay.com, and similar sites.