Amphibious Class A Motor Coach

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How often have you pulled into an RV park late in the day to find all of the choice waterfront slots taken? Now you can do one better by parking your RV on the water.

The Terra Wind amphibious Motor Coach/Yacht in water, driven by two 19 inch propellers.


Photos courtesy of Cool Amphibious Mfg. Intl.

For those who love land and water, and want to enjoy both in luxury, Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International (CAMI) is custom building the Terra Wind amphibious “Motor Coach/Yacht”. Luxury motor homes make a statement on their own, but talk about turning heads when you drive your custom RV into the lake.

The Terra Wind looks like a typical Class A on land, complete with amenities you would expect in a luxury coach. It is 42½ feet long, 102 inches wide, 12½ feet tall, has a vehicle weight of 33,000 lb, GVWR of 43,000 lb, and a starting price of $850,000. The only thing that might tip you off to this machine’s alter ego is the angled front nose in place of the typical straight bumper.

A few unique features caught my attention:

  • Residential style sliding doors in the back, providing a wonderful bedroom view on land and water
  • Swim deck in the rear lowers like a toy hauler ramp
  • Whirlpool tub
The Terra Wind with the swim deck lowered.


The Terra Wind with the swim deck lowered.

The photos show the 2003 prototype; the production model promises a 45 foot hull with additional features such as two engines, tandem rear axles, and additional stability so that the [an error occurred while processing this directive]s can be deployed in water.

If you are still lacking for toys, the manufacturer promises more: “We are also now building the trailer for the Terra Wind. This trailer will be able to float just as the coach does. We will be able to carry 1 car and a golf cart, or 2 jet ski’s for an added toy. This will also be an added party barge with flat roof for sunning and diving from.”

I found it amusing that the specifications describe which side the slides are on with the nautical terms of port (left) and starboard (right). I suppose this is only fitting for a machine that will require you to learn not only RV terms, but boating terms as well.

For more details and photos, please visit the Terra Wind web site.

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