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The Definitive Guide to RV Boondocking (in 2022)

Freedom is spelled b-o-o-n-d-o-c-k-i-n-g. Boondocking is an affordable adventure away from the chaos and cacophony of RV parks, developed campgrounds and urban hideouts. It’s also known as dry camping. People boondock for many reasons. Some people boondock for the unbeatable scenery and ambiance. Others are too thrifty to pay $65

Mail Forwarding for RVers

While traveling in an RV, you don’t get the convenience of strolling to your mailbox at the end of your driveway! Carefree comes with a cost. Getting mail is about more than keeping up with junk mail. Having a physical and mailing address is important for: Prescription medication refills Voter

Calculating Fair Market Value (FMV) for RVs

Whether buying a new or used RV, the exercise of determining the fair market value (FMV) is well worth the effort to avoid over-paying. Each transaction has a seller and a buyer with opposing financial goals—this article provides information to help the buyer minimize the cost while allowing a reasonable

Compendium of RV Social Clubs, Meetups and Interest Groups (2022)

RV social groups are the glue that holds the community together! Many social groups are all open all RVers. They often host group rallies in snowbird states like Texas, Arizona, and Florida. Other social groups are open to those of a shared interest or background. If you’re a full-timing family

Finding Reliable RV Phone and Internet

Internet Access If you are reading this page on your computer, chances are you are accustomed to keeping in touch over the Internet. With so many new technologies on the market, you can take the Internet with you in the RV —with the right equipment. As you can imagine, keeping

Demystifying RV Weight Ratings

For the safety of your family and others around you, it is crucial to understand and stay within the weight ratings of your RV and tow vehicle. Unfortunately, understanding RV weights and capacities isn’t straightforward. So let’s break them down into digestible pieces. Actual/Scale Weight vs Rating/Limit/Specification/Maximum Actual weights: Measured weight of

Boondocking Etiquette

Many RVers, including myself, occasionally park overnight on the property of generous retailers, such as Wal-Mart. Even though retailers are located in urban areas (not the boonies), this practice has become commonly known as [an error occurred while processing this directive]. Unfortunately, a small number of RVers overstay their welcome