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No matter where we set up our King of the Road camper, the first thing people notice is the sliding King Deck.

Sliding King Deck on the 2003 Royalite fifth wheel by King of the Road.


Sliding “King Deck” on the 2003 Royalite fifth wheel by King of the Road. This option has been re-named to “SlideDeck” in newer models.

The King Deck slides out on rails with the push of a button, and stows under the belly while in transit. A hand rail on the left edge folds into place to assist in climbing the step, which can be high off the ground in unleveled sites. The surface is covered with composite materials made to resist corrosion, and provides ample space for two chairs, even with the door open.

It didn’t take us long to fall in love with our porch! Here is what makes the sliding deck such a wonderful option:

  • Dry, clean, level place to sit, no matter where we park
  • Keeps us out of the dust and mud
  • No biting bugs to deal with
  • Makes getting in and out of the doorway much easier
  • Allows our small dog to get in and out without assistance

Being such a unique option, most passers-by in campgrounds are seeing it for the first time on our trailer. If we are outside, they ask about it. The initial question is usually “Did you make that yourself?”

The other question soon to follow is “Where can I buy one for my trailer?” As far as I know, only King of the Road offers it, and they plan on keeping it that way by having it patented. But, I suspect other manufacturers will catch on and we’ll start seeing the sliding deck on more models in the future.

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