6 Photogenic Fiberglass Campers You Must See to Believe!

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There’s just something about a fiberglass camper, isn’t there? The curves, the cuteness, the curb appeal – it’s enough to make you fire your boss and take off for the wild blue yonder.

Here’s a list of the best – beautiful fiberglass campers from hallowed brands and explosive newcomers. You’ll find gorgeous craftsmanship, 4-season engineering, and lots of cuteness!


L’air is a relative newcomer to the market of molded fiberglass campers. They’re based in Ontario, Canada, just over the international border.

But they’re showing up fashionably late with a bang!

The L’air Signature Queen is an 18.5-ft fiberglass travel trailer that tips the scales at just 2,080 lbs.

Even more impressive is its signature pop-top roof. With the push of a button, you can raise the roof to 6’8 of headroom (that’s tall enough for Lebron James!) In its compact size, the L’air is short enough to fit in your garage for the winter.

You can use the L’air in either configuration: roof up or down.

True to its name, the L’air Signature Queen has a full-size queen bed: 60×80 inches. (You can also get the L’air with a Short King Bed or double bunk beds.)

Unlike a conventional RV, the L’air fiberglass camper has a cassette toilet. These all-in-one toilets are popular in camper vans in Europe. Rather than a fixed black tank, cassette toilets have a small, portable tank that can be removed from the RV and dragged to the dump station.

The L’air Signature Queen is chock-full of other premium features:

  • Torsion axle suspension.
  • Lithium ion house batteries
  • Truma Combi water heater and furnace
  • Dual-pane acrylic bubble windows


The Escape 5.0 is one of the only molded fiberglass 5th wheel campers produced in the world!

It’s 21’2” long and 3,910 lbs dry weight. At 9’7” in total height (to top of AC), it’s one of the only 5th wheels that will squeeze through a 10’ tall garage door.

Despite its small size, the Escape 5.0 has many of the same features you’d find in other conventional RVs:

  • Dual 20-lb propane tanks
  • Tandem torsion axles
  • 12,000 BTU furnace
  • 6 cuft absorption refrigerator

With an empty pin weight of just 646 lbs, the Escape 5.0 can be towed by just about any half-ton pickup truck on the market!

The one compromise you’ll have to make is a wet bath. If you’ve never used one before, we’ve already dissected the pros and cons of a wet bath.


If you can’t stand the idea of cracking or fading, look no further than the Cortes Camper!

This is a camper that doesn’t compromise on structural quality. Designed with similar techniques to offshore powerboats, the Cortes vacuum-infused molded fiberglass camper uses biaxial fiberglass and carbon fiber to fabricate a structural fiberglass core, covered by premium colored gelcoat.

Unlike some other fiberglass campers, a Cortes fiberglass camper doesn’t just stop a molded fiberglass shell. The overhead cabinets, kitchen galley, bathroom walls, and interior partitions – all molded! No leaks. No extra weight.

The classic Cortes camper is 17’ long and weighs 1,800 lbs dry. It rides on a powder-coated aluminum chassis with the 3,500-lb Timbren Axle-Less suspension. That’s an impressive chassis design you don’t often see outside of serious off-road expedition campers!

We’re excited to see where Cortes can take this new evolution of fiberglass camper. As of now, the engineering arguably outpaces the interior design, which doesn’t yet have the fit n’ finish expected at its price tag. But the company is young, and their vision bold!


The most impressive feature of the Oliver Legacy Elite II fiberglass camper is what you can’t see.

Unlike conventional fiberglass campers, all Oliver campers are double-hulled. That means there’s an interior shell nested inside an exterior shell. The space between is filled with foam insulation, wire, and mechanicals.

The end result is stunning. The modern, bright white interior is available in two floorplans: convertible king-sized dinette, and XL twin beds. Both floor plans, once converted, can sleep up to three people.

Because the Legacy Elite II has a thick double hull, it’s a true 4-season camper. It weighs 4,900 lbs dry and is 23’6” long. It’s 9’7” to the top of the AC, so it can squeeze into a 10’ garage.

The Oliver trailer rides on a unique chassis design. The frame is fabricated from boxed welded aluminum. It rides on the Dexter EZ-Flex suspension, which is a traditional leaf spring suspension with the addition of a shock-absorbing equalizer. The chassis also features 16” LT aluminum wheels and a Bulldog coupler, a piece of hardware you don’t usually see outside of heavy-duty industrial trailers.


The MyPod ranks as the smallest, most lightweight camper on this list! Weighing in at just 760 lbs, the MyPod is 11’6” long and less than 80” wide!

It’s not a true travel trailer. It’s not even a true teardrop camper. It’s best described as a “sleeper camper,” with just enough room to crawl inside and escape the rain!

With its space-age fiberglass body measuring just 8’ long, you wouldn’t think there would be much inside. But inside the carpeted hull is a plywood furniture set with storage cubbies, full 120V/12V power, a TV, and even an air conditioner!

Little Guy sells custom tents that expand the “living space” of the miniature MyPod.

Our favorite feature is the roof rack. You can bring along your kayak, skis, or bike! It’s a great mini camper for adventurers.

And yes, two people can fit inside!


You can’t find a camper more classic than the 13’ Scamp. Scamp, based out of Minnesota, has been building campers since 1972. The 13’ Scamp is their smallest model, and it can go just about anywhere.

Scamp offers simple white cabinets (standard) or Deluxe Oak/Birch plywood furniture for its interiors. Classic Birch is their best-seller. When paired with the smoke-colored upholstery and light beige carpet headliner, Birch really makes the Scamp pop!

The Scamp 13’ Deluxe is available in three floorplans, one of which has a wet bath. The other two offer additional seating and sleeping areas.

You can equip the Scamp with all sorts of optional features, such as solar power, backup camera, generator, etc. Or you can keep it simple and affordable.

Scamp is one of the few RV manufacturers in Minnesota.

You can find more fiberglass RV manufacturers (and other manufacturers in Minnesota!) at this comprehensive RV manufacturers list.

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