Author: Charlie Kerekes

No Income Tax States

If you are a full-timer or snowbird, you may be considering changing residency to a more favorable state of the union. For many, taxation is

Boondocking Etiquette

Many RVers, including myself, occasionally park overnight on the property of generous retailers, such as Wal-Mart. Even though retailers are located in urban areas (not

RV Moisture Control Issues

Lessons Learned Moisture inside an RV will condense in cold weather, if not controlled. Condensation can produce enough water to cause damage in walls and ceilings. Reduce


Kerekes Travelogue Update for 2006

Jan 22: Driving Dead Indian Memorial Road near Ashland This week Landra’s dad and his wife are in town, visiting Baby (and us too). As


Truck Stop Fueling Etiquette

Those of us driving large, diesel-powered recreational vehicles will soon realize that many gas stations cannot accommodate us. Fueling up at truck stops is preferable


Snowbound in Harmonie State Park

The first stop of our first major [an error occurred while processing this directive] trip was in Harmonie State Park in southern Indiana, just in


Silent Night, Noisy Night

Our new life as [an error occurred while processing this directive]s brought me an unexpected challenge—getting a good night’s sleep. Being a very light sleeper,


RV Owner and Handyman

In the excitement of considering life as an [an error occurred while processing this directive]er, it may not occur to some that the new lifestyle


Homeschooling in Your Motorhome

At first glance the terms “hitting the road” and “hitting the books” might appear mutually exclusive. But if you home school your children and have