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Living space in an RV is always at a premium. Starting with the 2005 Pace Arrow, Fleetwood RV has come up with a new solution to give us more space—the full wall RV slide!

It was not that long ago that slides were introduced. Soon, the slide found its way into all recreational vehicle types with solid walls, even into motorhomes. The race was on to add larger and more slides. It is common to find two or three slides in large RV’s, and as many as five in some models.

Multiple slides do an excellent job of stretching living space, but they tend to break up the floor plan. Now, with the advent of the full wall slide, Fleetwood can offer wider floor plans in their campers, without the narrow sections typical with multiple slides.

Spacious interior of the Pace Arrow, made possible by the full wall slide.

Spacious interior of the Pace Arrow, made possible by the full wall slide.

The full wall slide on the Pace Arrow’s driver side is 23 feet long and 30 inches deep. Inside the slide is the sofa, dinette, refrigerator, pantry, bedroom dresser and wardrobe. In addition to the full wall slide, the bedroom is further expanded by a bed slide.

After validating this new technology for over a year on the Pace Arrow, the full wall slide is now available on several diesel motor homes for the 2006 model year. For more information on this option in the Pace Arrow, Discovery, Providence, and Excursion, please see the Fleetwood RV web site.

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