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In an effort to make a better RV and outshine the competition, RV manufacturers introduce new features each model year.

This page is a collection of new, unique, or intriguing RV innovations. Included are features that are uncommon, or common features used in uncommon ways to solve a problem and make RVing more enjoyable.

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Aftermarket RV Innovations

These are some of the aftermarket RV products we really appreciate. 

Horst Miracle Probes

Invented by John VanderHorst, Horst miracle probes solve an extremely vexing problem common to many RVs: false tank readings.

The stock probes that measure the liquid in an RV tank are low-tech, to say the least. They’re nothing more than a well-nut, a screw, and a nut. 

Regular probes are infamous for getting gunked up. Old toilet paper, sludge, and soap residue can cover up the probes, leading to a false continuity reading. You think your tank is 2/3 full, when it’s actually almost empty!

Horst Miracle probes (now owned by Valterra) solve this problem by adding a Teflon roof above the probe. This prevents toilet paper from hanging up on the probe and giving a false reading. Horst probes also extend farther into the tank, reading actual water levels, and not the levels of any sludge on the walls of the tank.

Horst probes can be added to any RV water tank. They fit in a 3/8″ hole. You may be able to simply swap out your OEM probes, or if your RV has spin-on problems, you’ll need to drill the 3/8″ holes yourself.

Modern RV Innovations

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