Rent an RV

An RV rental is a great way to take a family vacation. It allows you to pack your things once and take them along wherever you go.

Renting is also an ideal way to get a feel for the recreational vehicle lifestyle and determine which RV type fits your needs (see RV Type Pros & Cons).

Before Renting

Ask the following questions of the rental companies you are considering:

  • How new are the RV's?

    The older the units the more potential for breakdowns.

  • How many miles are included in the base rental fee and how much does it cost for additional miles?
  • What is the average fuel consumption of the RV model I am considering?
  • What type of reservation and down payment fees are required?
  • Are there any processing fees when using a credit card?
  • What are the security deposit fees and policies?
  • What are the cancellatoin fees and policies?
  • Are there any restrictions on where I can take the RV?

    Dirt roads, off-road, very hot locations, etc., may be off-limits.

  • In case of breakdown, are towing and repair costs covered by the rental company? What if breakdown occurs in Canada or Mexico?
  • Can I tow behind the RV? Are there additional equipment or fees involved?
  • Are there any pet restrictions or fees?
  • Can I take the RV into Canada or Mexico? What other fees, policies, or restrictions apply?

Also consider the following:

  • Include fuel costs in your budget.

    RV fuel consumption ranges between 6 and 13 miles per gallon (mpg). The larger the RV the more fuel it will consume. In the absence of more accurate information, we suggest you budget for 8 mpg.

  • Include propane costs in your budget.

    Propane in cold weather can become a significant expense.

  • Include campground fees in your budget.

    Nightly rates range from free to $75, depending on where you stay. Call the campgrounds you intend to visit ahead of time.

  • Call your insurance company to determine if your car insurance covers the rented RV.
  • If you plan on renting an RV around 30' or longer, check with the campgrounds where you plan to stay to make sure they can accomodate large RV's.
  • If rental company provides a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list on their web site, be sure to read it.

Where to Rent

Finding a dependable RV rental company is crucial to the enjoyment of your travel. Depending on the type of RV and the duration of your travel, renting can be quite expensive, making it even more important to do a little research up-front.

The key ingredient to a pleasant rental experience is to work with a dependable company and rent dependable RV's.


The company with most pick-up locations in the US is Cruise America. They focus on the smaller and mid-sized Class C motor homes, which are easier to maneuver and get into smaller campsites than the large Class A's.

Another company to consider is Their web site lets you choose the RV model and provides a quote based on the rental dates.


Use one of the following resources to find RV rental companies near you: