Sell Your RV

In many respects, RV sales are similar to other large ticket transactions such as a car or a house. A little bit of planning and research will help maximize the selling price. Below you will find guidance on how to get a fair price for your RV and a list of places to sell.

Before Offering for Sale

Here are some important tasks you should complete before offering your RV for sale:

  • Make an honest assessment of the condition and note any problem areas
  • Determine the fair market value (FMV) objectively (see Determining an RV's Fair Market Value)
  • Set your asking price based on the FMV, plus a reasonable amount for the inevitable negotiations

If you want to maximize the selling price and earn the buyer's trust, consider doing the following as well:

  • Collect all original RV, accessory, and appliance manuals that came with your recreational vehicle
  • Give the RV a thorough cleaning inside and out
  • Prepare a summary document of all past maintenance and their costs
  • If this is a towable RV, provide a log of actual miles towed
  • If this is a motorized RV, perform basic maintenance items that are due in the near future, such as oil change, air filter change, etc.
  • Calculate fuel consumption as accurately as possible. The buyer will ask!

Sell By Owner

If you decide to sell the RV yourself, several venues are available to you. Consider listing with multiple services simultaneously to sell quickly.


Many free and inexpensive listing options are available to you locally. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Place a FOR SALE sign in the RV window
  • Place ad in local newspaper classifieds or specialized sales magazines
  • Ask local RV parks and campgrounds for permission to post a small ad on their bulletin board
  • Ask your RV club if you can place an ad in their mailing, newsletter, or email broadcast

Online Classifieds & Auctions

To reach a nationwide audience, consider listing your RV online. More and more people are willing to shop over the Internet, and willing to travel great distances to inspect and take delivery of big-ticket items. (You may be interested in reading our story, Changin' Gears, where we briefly describe how we bought our fifth wheel and truck over the Internet.)

We recommend the following online services:

As the seller, you are responsible for all fees associated with listing and selling your RV. Be sure to read all terms and conditions before listing with any service.


If you don't have the time to show your RV to potential buyers, consider putting it on consignment. Many RV dealers will accept consignments to augment their own inventory.

Start with dealers that sell the brand of your RV. Most manufacturers offer online look-up of their dealers. Take a look at our list of manufacturers, find your brand, and either click the "Dealer Locator" link or call the phone number next to the name. Once you are on the manufacturer web site, look around the page to find a link for "Dealers", "Dealer Locator", "Find a Dealer", or similar terms.

Sell To RV Dealer

For the quickest sale, consider selling to an RV dealer. This method is quick, but chances are you will have to accept a lower price. In return for accepting less money, you keep the time it would have taken to clean, get ready for sale, show, and deal with upset buyers in case of problems after delivery. Start with dealers that sell the brand of your RV (see Consignment section above to find dealers near you).