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This is a brief introduction to the Folding Trailer type of RV, intended to provide essential information for choosing the best RV type. (Looking for Folding Trailer Manufacturers?)

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Folding Trailer

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The folding trailer is a small, light-weight towable that folds or collapses into a low profile. Its small size and weight makes it suitable for towing behind light vehicles such as cars, SUV’s, and mini pickup trucks. Some of the smallest models can be towed behind large motorcycles.

Other terms used for folding trailer:

  • Camper trailer
  • Folding camper
  • Pop-up trailer
  • Tent trailer

Folding Trailer Pros

  • One of the least expensive RV’s.
  • Very light weight. Can be towed behind light vehicles such as small trucks, SUV’s, vans, and large sedans.
  • Tow vehicle doubles as local transportation.
  • No concern for top clearance because trailer folds lower than the tow vehicle.
  • Requires no special storage when not in use. Fits in standard driveway or back yard.
  • Can reach less accessible camping sites that are too tight for large RV’s.

Folding Trailer Cons

  • Limited space, practical only for very short trips.
  • Living area is closed up during transportation and is inaccessible even during rest stops.
  • Non-existent or limited insulation makes this type uncomfortable in cold weather.

RV Checklists

The following RV checklists on our web site are applicable to folding trailers:

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